Automate & Stop wasting time

Spend your time managing and taking decisions instead of extracting, cleaning and validating data and building reports. Veetal does it for you


Extract the info from ALL your datasources in real-time


Apply your bussiness rules to identify problems automatically


Gorgeous dashboards to speed up your understanding of your bussiness


Veetal discovers and highlights the most valuable information to boost decision making

All in one? Really?

Simply YES. It doesn't matter that your PMS is, nor your accounting system, survey's system.
We'll get all the data and put it all in the same place. Yes, at last!

Hotel Pickup & Forecast

Massive detail of the evolution of our occupations and your revenue's evolution

Revenue Intelligence

Compare your daily results with last year, budget or same period last year

Accounting Intelligence

Control your expenses and track useful revenue & expenses ratios

Reputation Monitor

Be aware and conscious about any bad reviews your customers have

Smart Budget

Daily budgets based on events and historical data

Smart Budget

Daily budgets based on events and historical data


A tailored suit for your hotel

Each hotel has its peculiarities and we are aware of this. Personalization is in our DNA. Veetal team is ready for whatever you need, no matter it's:

  • Showing a different KPI
  • Integrating a customized PMS
  • Getting data from personal excels
  • Integrating data from custom sources
  • Include a new reporting page for your Investor's
  • or changing any of the graphs
Any doubts about our BI solution

Visit frequently asked questions or contact us

Looking for Rate Shopper or Parity Checker?

Take a look our integrated solution and take the advantadge of having all together!